Amanda Stevens Timberman 70.3. I was excited about this race because it was my first Ironman 70.3 race I did as a professional (the only half-Ironman I’d done before it was my second ever tri, in Buffalo Springs.) So, I was excited to see how far I’d come along. While I had a fantastic race there back in 2008 (Came in 2nd place to Chrissie Wellington) it was funny to look back at the results and see how well I’d actually done. And once we arrived in New Hampshire, it was amazing how the memories came flooding back in and I remember what a great part of the country it was in. I was lucky to be able to share it with Randy this time around! And also, a special Thanks to Dede and Dave for letting us crash at your place in Boston before and after the race. We really enjoyed our time in Boston, Duck Tour, whohoooo! Ok, Ok, back to the race. I pre-road the course and I told Randy, this is going to be a fun bike! Fun bike it was indeed and with some good hills mixed in there too. And yes, Andy (Potts) the location of the hills (mile-wise) has just as much impact as the hill itself! Race morning, the water was as calm and as flat as can be. Again, I wanted to get out FAST and then keep on pushing hard. The guys had a 4min ‘head’ start, and I was able to swim down quite a few of them. Then onto the bike and immediately my legs felt great, it was GO time! I kept pushing and didn’t see another person until Melissa caught me around mile 30. Just like in Boulder, I did what I could to keep her in sight as long as I could.  And…this time, I kept her in sight for quite awhile! It was nice to have someone just up the road to focus on. I got into T2 less than 1min down, huge improvement over Boulder! Then it was out on the run hilly run course and my legs, energy, and body were much better than in Boulder. My ‘lead’/2nd place cyclist was awesome! He just finished racing Ironman Lake Placid, congrats Mike! And I started ticking off the miles. The day ended up being a roller coaster of a ride, not only because of the hills, but because of how I felt, I had some great sections of running and some others that were less great. I kept on pushing and was happy to cross the finish line in second. And once I saw the results it was cool to find out that I went 9minutes faster than in 2008 (relatively speaking, Andy Potts went almost 1min slower)….hard work does pay off!! A quick trip back to Boulder to do laundry and recover and I was back on another plane heading to Brazil for Ironman 70.3 BrasiliaAmanda Stevens