Randy and I were lucky enough to be able to spend a few days up in Keystone early last week.  We loved the gorgeous views and the change of pace.  As we were walking through the village, I saw a sign for a Bacon Festival!  Really? Bacon?!  It was on the weekend, which just happened to be Randy’s birthday too.  The universe was talking to us and I was more than willing to listen.  I’m in!
Amanda Stevens

When the universe says “bacon” you better eat it!

On Sunday, we knew we’d be sampling lots of tasty Bacon, so we started the day off with a great ride.  After a short downpouring of rain, the skies cleared and it was Game On!  Bacon Time!
Amanda Stevens

Riding near Silverthorne, CO

Let me just tell you they had everything Bacon you could imagine!  Randy’s favorite was the Beer Cheese soup made with Bacon drippings.  My favorite=chocolate dipped bacon!  Yep, you read that right!  My two favorite things combined into one mouthful of deliciousness!!!  Randy’s two Birthday treats were a Bacon Fudge Puppy on a Stick and a Bacon S’more Salted Caramel Sundae.  


amanda stevens

Beer Cheese Soup made with Bacon Fat

amanda stevens

This thing is AWESOME!

Amanda Stevens

Bacon on a Stick!!

Amanda Stevens

Bacon Smores


amanda Stevens

Bacon Smores!

Not only was there bacon everywhere, but there were Bacon fans too! There was even a fierce game of Pin the Tail on The Hog!  
amanda stevens

Pin the tail on the Pig!

And for you Dash fans…don’t worry he wasn’t forgotten.  He made out with some Beggin Strips and the new Beggin Party Popper Treats.  This was a true celebration of Bacon!



Grab bag for DASH

After filling our bellies with Bacon we headed to class. We studied long and hard and at then end of the day, we were proud graduates of the highly esteemed Bacon University.  The Chief Bacon Officer awarded our diplomas and the Bacon Commissioner even photo-bombed my graduation picture….guess that means I earned top Baconator honors!  
Amanda Stevens

Photo Bombed by the Bacon Commissioner!

amanda stevens bacon-28

I was so proud! I maybe even cried!

amanda stevens bacon-27

Our Diplomas

My next mission is to become the Bacon Festival Queen, the winner gets to dawn the Bacon dress…yes, a dress made out of Bacon!  What could make my parents more proud?!
We had an awesome time and think we have now started a yearly tradition! 
amanda stevens bacon-23

amanda stevens bacon-24

Yep! Bacon Doughnuts

amanda stevens bacon-22

Had to take a break! You know rest up and get back in there for more!

amanda stevens bacon-21

amanda stevens bacon-20

You will have to ask him………………..

amanda stevens bacon-19

amanda stevens bacon-18

My cup was Lemonade!!

amanda stevens bacon-16

Chocolate Dipped Bacon!

amanda stevens bacon-12

Singing “O Sweet Bacon O Mine” I think it was originally a Guns N Roses song??

amanda stevens bacon-9

As much as I want for free!!! More please!

amanda stevens bacon-11

We are a family that bacon’s together!

amanda stevens bacon-14

I may have had seconds………. you would too!

amanda stevens bacon-15 amanda stevens bacon-13

Amanda Stevens

Is this not the coolest sweatshirt ever!

amanda stevens bacon-2

Conquered all things bacon!

amanda stevens bacon-6

Randy spent all week looking for a bear……. there he was at the bacon festival!!!

amanda stevens bacon-5 amanda stevens bacon-4